Not being able to sleep sucks!

I've been up for the past 3 hours. Why? Pain. I went climbing yesterday, after a month of not going. Used a few muscles I've no used in a while. Well my whole torso and my arms. The only part of my that's not hurting are my legs! Even my head is hurting. Took some Anadin, but it does nothing. Why do medicines get sold if they don't even work. I just don't get it. Hayfever medicine doesn't work. Paracetamol doesn't and Asprin...etc. Kinda stupid. 

Ooh, and I've discovered two awesome places to go and eat! Red box and Scoopz!  Sadly, no photo's of Red Box, because I was so hungry, I ate everything before the camera even came out. It's an awesome noodle bar in Edinburgh, 51-53 West Nicholson Street. Here's their link. 
I went for the Meal for one deal. Where you pick a snack box. I picked chicken skewers. I didn't notice the sui mai on the menu, otherwise I would have got that. I love sui mai. Then you pick a type of noodle, I chose ho-fun because it's my favourite type of noodle. Then it's the meat. I chose pork loin, because it's my favourite meat right now. Then you pick any 3 vegetables. I chose, onions, brocolli and shitake mushrooms. Kinda of a con. When they say shitake mushrooms, it means 2 little bits of shitake and about a handful of straw mushrooms, which I hate. Then you pick a sauce. I chose Black bean :). 
You get a drink with it too. The price is a bit dear for what you get. £7.50! I could get fed and be really full and satisfied at a buffet! 
I'll only go again because I like noodles, and you custom make your own. However, I do think they should increase the portions or even lower the price to around £6.50...

Scoopz on the other hand is amazing. In Edinburgh, we have an ice cream parlour called St Luca's. However, I think I may have found a place which beats it. Scoopz is literally a few doors down from Red Box. 25-27 West Nicholson Street. I do have a photo. I got a 3 scoop, I wish I didn't. It was way too big. I got Strawberry Cheesecake, Kinder Chocolate and This Indian flavoured one...£1.50 for a single scoop. £2.30 for a 2 scoop and £3 for a 3 scoop. You then pick a sauce or sprinkles. 
I didn't finish the 3 scoop...



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