From my mother and Norman. 
Benefit makeup

Antique gold necklace. St Christopher is from the 1950's. The chain is from the 1900's, Victorian guard chain. 

Not really sure why I got these on my 21st, guess they were just fillers...*Shrug*


From the sister
She also got me a necklace which is I think made out of real jade (not sure) and it was hand carved with a horse, as I am the year of the horse. They also made the string part in front of her. 

Other People

Not sure what this is?! My mum doesn't know either, she reckons there's real gold inside...uhm I don't think so :P! 
Cute bracelets from Andres in D.C :)

Kinder Egg from Chop Chop

Chalk Bag from Tom's Ma! 

Aloe and Chalk bag from Tom's Ma! 

Bracelet from my Aunty Dawn :)

From Chu

Wrapped :)

Cute blue bracelet :)
Tooth brush! Hahahaha this is possibly the best present out of all of them :)! I always forget my toothbrush when staying over at his flat :)
Climbing shoes :)

Cute me to you card :)


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