Stress free...ish =)

iyaaah :)
Kinda almost stress-free. I only had one stressful problem, and that was flat hunting. It was making my summer, well not so good to be honest with you. Anyways, finally found a flat, and found I won't be homeless for August, hurrah. The girl i am moving in with is letting me stay in an empty bedroom at her current place and we're going to move out together into the new place around August 18th-20th. Our new flat is in an area I wasn't too keen on before, but that was only because of rumours. And I have a fair few friends living in that area. It's in a place called Leith, really close to Leith Walk, like just a little side street. So next place I'm living is called Smith Place. 
It's a quiet street, away from the noisy main street. And there's a bus that goes straight into town, which takes 10mins, and about 30 mins walk. That same bus also goes all the way to my campus, which will take about 45mins/hour. 
The flat is pretty small and cosy. Two double beds. There's a separate shower and a bath! Awesomes :)! The kitchen and living area are together :). Lots of storage. And it's pretty decent for two people. Laminate flooring...etc :) Basics. 
We also have a separate garden with it's own gardener. Each flat is also allocated a free parking spot which is almost impossible in Edinburgh! 
It's around £600 a month, so £300 each. So I'm pretty darn happy about the place. A lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders now. 

Still got a wee bit of stress, financially. I have enough to live off, but barely. Work is quiet so there's been less shifts. Hopefully August, festival month will bring in more shifts! Because darnit, less than 16 hours a week seems pointless. Anyways. 

So, we've had some pretty decent weather in Edinburgh for the past 2 days. I like it, but sometimes it's too hot. But I should really stop complaining about it! Just some random photo's... messing around :)

Yeaahhh. Went to some awesome cafe with my friend. It's literally round the corner from our new place, guarantee I will spend a fortune there!

Mmm! Gonna get fat this summer!

That's it for now. More tomorrow :)!


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