So, I've been dreaming a lot lately. Last night I had 3 dreams! Well 3 that I can remember. The first two were about Starcraft 2! Yes. Starcraft! I was amazed myself because I don't even play the game but watch Tom play and yesterday I watched some tournament so maybe that's why I dreamt twice about the game. 

First dream. Remember in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the chess pieces came alive and were basically HUGE?! Well that's how I dreamt Starcraft. But it was a HUGE area. And the Zergs were massive! Although they looked more like cockroaches...either way it was pretty cool because the players ( I was one of them =D!) were on podiums on either side like on Pokemon and they were pushing buttons on a control panel in front of them. 

Second dream. I was playing Starcraft 2 on the computer. That's all I remember!

3rd Dream. This dream was rather scary. It involved my very first house with my Grandpa and Grandma. Basically, my Grandpa died when I was a child. My Grandma is still holding on, although she isn't too well at the moment. When my mum moved away from my Dad, I rarely saw my Grandma.
So in the dream, I was somehow in the old house, 6 Stocksfield Avenue. The layout in my dream was exactly the same as in real life. I was in the kitchen and I looked in the far cupboard, and inside were cards, letters, presents etc. And each one were addressed to me. I can't remember what they were now sadly. I picked them up to keep, and a huge gust of wind blows over me. And for some reason I shout out, Grandpa, is that you? And then leg it out the house...
So I'm pretty freaked =\. Maybe it's a sign telling me I should go home for a little bit to see my Grandma and visit my Grandpa's grave. I don't know :(!! 


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