First time blogging through my phone :)

Not sure how well this blog post is going to turn out but it's worth a little play around! So recently I bought a new phone from a company called ECell on Ebay! I was a bit wary about it but they had decent feedback. So purchased the HTC Desire Z for £259. It was £40 cheaper than the retail price of £299. I ordered it on the 1st Aug and got it on the 12th Aug which is reasonable but a tad on the slow side in my opinion but that could be because I'm impatient. Had a few problems with tracking numbers! They supposidly dispatched on the 8th Aug but wouldn't give me a tracking number. After 3 emails I sent them a nasty email and finally they gave me a tracking number. So on the 11th Aug I got the number through and it was sent on the same day by next day delivery. Finally getting my item on the 12th. So no way would it have been dispatched on the 8th...! Anyways got the phone now so I am happy :)!

So I've been working all week! Full time week again! I've done 28 hours and got another shift Sunday. So pretty tired as we have been busy everyday! Last night I didn't finish until 11:45! *yawn*!

Today I took Tom for 'yum cha' dim sum! We went to a restaurant called 'Saigon Saigon'! We ordered loads! Or should I say I did :)! So we got siu mai, har gow, lo bat go, house special noodles, fried squid and char siu bao!
Photos appear at the bottom and I have no idea how to change that! Oh well!


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