ill :'( but surviving :)

Hello :)
Once again I'm ill. I've only got a cold. Bunged up nose. Throat like a cheese grater and a really bad headache! Decided to call in sick to work tonight. It's not safe for me to be around customers and around food. I was feeling run down and ill yesterday too but still went in. Asked to be behind the bar so I didn't have to be all sniffly in front of the customers. 
As usual, I have some food photos. 

Illegal jacks again! I usually get a burrito. This time I got the salad topped with beef. £6.75!! I was appalled! How can they charge this amount for a salad? It's the same price as a burrito! I know I'm paying for the beef, but come on, for that price I would have preferred a burrito where I got other things too. Illegal jacks has totally gone downhill for me. The prices are going up to extortionate prices. I could get filled up for less somewhere else! The old staff are nice however the new ones they have trained up are useless! They make the smallest burritos ever and they totally skimp on the guacamole! You have to pay a whole extra 75p and you only get a table spoon...I can buy a whole tub of guacamole for £1!!  
Pork loins and peas :). I didn't eat both of those. Just the one. Was too full in the end. I marinated the pork chops in a range of herbs, corinander, thyme, tarragon, black pepper, and mixed it together with djon mustard and dark soy sauce.  
Beef strips marinated with the same stuff as above. 

Mmm it was good. Could have made more to be honest! Next time I'll make it with rice!

I went to a place call Amicus Apple on Fredrick Street. It's alright. Prices are a bit extortionate for what you get. I got a coke (it wasn't even a pint!!) and a chicken green thai curry and it came to £11!! The food was ridiculously salty. It was pub grub. Should have been about £8. Just because bar is classy doesn't mean they can charge so much! Only got a few bits of chicken to. Rip off!

The day I was ill! Decided to order the feast for one and some warm cookie dough. I felt even more sick afterwards! Never again ahaaa :)

Ingredients for congee "Jook"!
1/2 cup of rice
6-7 cups of water
1 chicken stock cube
Pork loins cut into strips
Little bit of red chilli
Scallions diced 
Soy sauce

End result :) mmmm! It was good. Whenever I'm ill, I like to make this. My grandma used to make it for me as a child when I wasn't well.
I simply boiled the water and stock. Added the rice ,the pork and the chilli. Brought it to boil then to simmer for about an hour and 45 mins. 
When it was done I put some into a bowl, topped with spring onions and soy sauce....voila!


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