New flat :) New hair :) Not so new me!

Updating via the phone again so there may be a few autocorrected words! I'll try not to make mistakes! I have no internet until the 7th September, so hopefully it'll all go smoothly!
So I've moved flats! I've moved in with someone new. The past three years I've lived with one girl and got quite close. A few things occurred and people made me think about why I shouldn't live with her again so found someone else to live with. She's called Eleni. It's weird living with someone new! Need to get used to their living habits! And they need to get used to mine. I'm quite a clean freak so will possibly be cleaning a lot :)! I need to make this place nice and homely :). The location is perfect. Where it is it's quiet and modern. However the main street is a wee bit rough and ugly. I can get one bus to my boyfriends. One bus to town. One bus to work and one bus to uni. Maybe it'll take longer than walking as I used to live close to these places but it's not a bad place!

I've also had my hair cut today! It's the same as usual. I let it grow out of hand and didn't know how to manage it. It's a lot lighter now.

That's all for now until my internet arrives :)



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