Recently I've been reading random blogs and I have come across a great blog! This person is visiting Japan (I think) and they produce reviews for food products they find in Japan! Japanese Snack Reviews! I love the idea of reviews, especially about products that you don't usually find in the west. If I had the chance to visit Japan, China I would love to create a blog solely for food reviews.

I like writing reviews, especially about restaurants and cafe's I visit around Edinburgh. Currently it's the festival, what better time to visit new places to eat? Sadly, I don't have a lot of free time or money. Well I do have a lot of free time, but usually I'll have to work in the evening and I normally like to laze about :).

So, I'm thinking of including cafe/restaurant reviews and also random snack reviews! I like visiting asian supermarkets. Mainly Chinese supermarkets because my family are from Hong Kong/China. Is it bad that I don't know? Most products in chinese supermarkets are from Korea or Japan! Well usually the snacks.
I visited one recently, I can't remember the name of it as they have recently refurbished. It's on 125 Lauriston Place. It's pretty small and stocks the usual. Dumplings, snacks, sauces, veggies, ramen...etc! So I'll be visiting often and reviewing some snacks they offer!


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