Asus Transformer!!

Hello :)
I'm currently using an Asus Transformer to update this blog :). It's super cool. It's not mine sadly, it's my boyfiends. However I now want to save up for one. Not for any particular reason other than it's cool, and you can have a touch screen and keyboard dock to go with it! It's essentially just like an ipad but better as it has the android stuff on it :). Kinda like a big version of my phone =D! I would say I'm pretty much a geek liking new gadgets etc. But sadly my income doesn't allow me to satisfy my needs! I'm thinking of getting the new Asus when it comes out. Not sure when it'll be, could be next year or in a few months. It's a snazzy wee gadget, screw the ipad and macs and all that shiz from Apple!! Except ipods because I like them :( they're cool!

So yahhhh! Quick midnight update. Things are going to change at work now, I'm going from full time to part time work. So that's going from 30 odd hours to 16 (if that!!). Imagine having an income of around 200 pound a week (OMG this keyboard is set the American way and I can't change it without his permission...I wouldn't even know how, so there's no pound sign! Blasphemy!) to around 100 pound and less a week...! Ouchie mahhhhhma!
 It's not too bad though, I have saved up about 2 weeks wages so that shoud keep me going and I have my student loan!

Bit tired to type anyore!


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