Great North Run

I finished the 13.1 mile course! 
Okay. Didn't complete it in a fast time. My time was rather slow. I completed it in 3 hours 8 minutes and 04 seconds. 49 seconds faster than when I completed it in 2007. I'm rather embarrassed about my time, but I know I shouldn't be. A lot of people will criticise me for completed it in a slow time but did they enter the run? Did they try? Did they raise over £300 for a charity? No. I didn't train, which was foolish of me, however I raised that much money, I had to complete it. So I'm quite proud of myself. I was also ill on the event day, sore throat/tonsillitis. But I don't want to use that excuse to why I finished it so slow. The reason I completed it so slow was because I did not train. And that is my fault. 
Anyways. I got a cool goody bag with an awesome t shirt and medal :)
Right after the run, well 10 mins after. Had to walk from the finish all the way to the charity tents. 

Running gear ^_^

Us at home with the medal and t shirt :)

More photo's will come soon :)


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