Catching up with some food reviews!
This review is about a little Greek cafe called QUPI that is located on 171 Leith Walk, Edinburgh. It's a nice little cafe. Sadly I don't  have any pictures of the building itself. The outside looks a little run down. The inside is nice and cosy! I've been here twice now. I have posted a review a month ago when I went with my friend Eleni. This time I went with my mother. We went for breakfast then ended up getting lunch instead. I ordered a Chicken and mayonnaise baguette but sadly, they were still preparing the filling, so she offered to make me something else. I agreed and what came was good. I forgot what it was actually. It had some sort of marinated chicken with green pesto, sun ripened tomatoes, olives and salad. It was also served with salad. 

I forgot the price also ><! I think it was around £4! The other baguettes were under £4 :). We also ordered one large tea and a large mocha. Both were good :)

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