Summer 2011

Hello there :)
It's been a very long time since I posted a blog post! This one's probably going to be a bit of a rollercoaster post. This summer has been up and down, lots of emotions running around. Things changing dramatically. Lots of things!
Well my summer started in the middle of April, so I've had 4 1/2 months off! Which is a pretty long time. And for once I decided to stay in Edinburgh for the summer. For two reasons. My main reason was because I've never been away from home for a long period of time like this. I mean sure, I have because of uni, but I mean during free time like these 4 months. I wanted to be a little more independent, find a job. Yes it was scary for me  Secondly, starting a new relationship with someone who lives in Edinburgh means I wanted to stay. I guess without this person being in my life right now, I would have stayed in Newcastle, and my life would not have changed in anyway. I don't regret it changing, in fact it's changed for the best!!  

So the first thing that changed this summer is that I found my first job! Yes it's a pretty mediocre job, but it brings in the money and has saved me this summer. I was worried at the beginning because I had no experience at all! And if I didn't find a job, I would have had no money to live on for these 4 months! Thankfully I found one at Chop Chop and have been there since May. So the majority of my summer. It's all I have been doing. To start with I've was part time and obviously, as the festival started, I turned to full time. Which was good money wise, but not so good on my energy levels. It's pretty demanding! Demanding in the tiredness sense. Standing for 5 hours does make you feel like you have hips of an 80 year old! Anyhow. I'm grateful I found this place. 

The second thing which changed was changing who I will live with for the last year of uni. I'm not sure how I feel about this now because I have lost a friend. However, people have told me I have made a good decision and it would benefit me. Possibly because I have lived with that person for 3 years already. The downside is living with someone who I hardly know, and need to get used to their living habits. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole living with someone else situation just yet. 

Thirdly, moving to a totally different part of the city! I hate moving to where I am now. This is the downside of it all. I want to be back to the area I know. Where buses don't take so long. Where taxi's don't cost a tenner to get to the places I want to go! I used to live in the Morningside area where it was so close to my job, so close to the city centre, so close to Tollcross! And easy access to buses to go to my campus! But now, I'm on Leith Walk. It's close to the centre, closer than Morningside, but it takes so long! Because there's so much traffic. It takes years to get to my job and will take years to get to uni in the mornings! I guess I'm just being picky. I do love my flat. I just wish it wasn't in that location. However for what we're paying and for what we're getting, it's decent. 

So for me, this has been a life changing summer. It might not be for others. But I like to stay within my comfort zones. I'm happy for all these changes as I have ventured into something unfamiliar. I guess it helps me to grow! I know I'm still a child inside. I know I still want the comfort of "home". I know I'm still that immature girl. I guess this is the first step to maturing and starting a better life-style for myself. 

Fourth year is coming and I'm pretty scared. Just because of the doubts about whether I'd actually graduate on time. Am I even good enough? I mean uni is the first step. The next step is actually finding a graduate job. I know a lot of people who are struggling and are on benefits because they can't find anything and don't want any old job, even if it's waitressing. But in my eyes, a job is a job. I'd rather have any job than sit reeling in money from the government. Whether it's a graduate one or a full time waitressing job. I'd love to have a job which is salary based instead of hourly. However, I'll take what comes my way. 

Guess this blog isn't the happiest of blogs. But rest assured. I am happy. Maybe a little stressed, but when am I not?!



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