Update: Resolutions

My resolutions at the end of 2010 were:
1. Take a photo a day and blog it!
2. Join the gym to shift the excess pounds gained from this holiday season
3. Work harder at uni. Aka, staying behind in the library, reading up on notes and what not
4. Bitch less. 
5. Train and complete a half marathon (Bupa Great North Run)
6. Spend less money by only buying things I really need
7. Stay in contact with my friends from Newcastle. Well the ones that deserve it. 
8. Phone my mother at least twice a week to tell her how much I love her
9. Get a part time job at some point in the summer
10. Sort out my skin!! 

1. Failed! Stopped pretty quickly. I found nothing to photograph! Well not nothing, just I got bored. Maybe next year I will stick to a photo a week :) It's so much easier! 
2. I did join the gym. But then the membership ended. I didn't shed pounds. Well I lie. Right now I'm at a healthy weight of 8stones 6lbs! Better than the 9stones. I fluctuate though! :)
3. Not done. I could do much harder. Need motivation. I blame myself. 
4. HEH. I've been good, I don't think I bitched about anyone in a good 3 months...maybe. 
5. I did not train. BUT I did complete a half marathon!
6. Not done that...I did get a job though
7. Ish. I guess stayed in contact with 2 of them
8. Don't do this...I should do! 
9. Oh yes. Chop Chop FTW!
10. Heh. Since working at ChopChop it's gotten worse eeeekgarggggh!

So not to bad. I'm sure I've added giving blood to this list?! Oh well. I've donated twice. Going for my third tomorrow :) 


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