Hello ^^!
Today was the start of a new semester. Kind of a scary thought to be honest. It's 4th year and I really need to get my head down and study more which is kind of hard when I am also going to keep my part time job. I need to live and survive so I guess it will just need to balance. Having that little bit of extra money each week to spend is a god send. Means I don't have to worry as much. 

So the first day went alright! First time travelling from my new flat. I live about an hour away from my campus by bus due to the traffic. To tell you the truth, I absolutely hate the long travel. Means I have to get up at 7am. Shower, dry hair...yada..then catch the bus before 8 to get there for 9! I should quite complaining. 
Found out the components of each module...this semester I'll be taking 3 new modules:
1) Environmental Management
2) Fisheries Biology
3) Advances in Aquatics
It's going to be a really really busy semester. Not really sure how I'm going to tackle it just now. I'm kinda avoiding it for tonight, and will deal with it tomorrow. I'm pretty worried for my final result. Graduating with any grade is good, but I have set a goal, and I know I can't reach it which is a bummer. 

Not really much to say about this...Kinda need to catch up on my food reviews and food posts :)

Ciao x


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