Hello :)
So I decided to review the food I ate from the university canteen last week. I tried doing it this week, but I kept forgetting and the food wasn't all that good this week so wasn't worth reviewing. That sentence says it all. 
Okay. So here are the photo's! 
Monday: Chicken noodle soup! I kinda of filled the bowl with more filling than the soup because I was hungry. Ate it all. But eurgh. It was extremely bland. They tried to compensate the blandness by adding way too much salt!

Tuesday: Chicken Green Thai Curry baked potato with salad! It wasn't too bad. Filling was too runny. Over salted again! 
I forgot the price. But it wasn't as cheap as you would think for uni food!

Wednesday: Chicken mayonnaise baguette and a bag of crisps. Meh. 

Friday: Spag bol baked potato. Not too bad. 

So I gave up on reviewing uni food because it's just bad. Not such a good place to eat but there's nowhere else to buy food. Well there is, but Sighthill isn't a place I'd like to go around alone ;)! 

I've been to a few places to eat recently. As usual, I like food blogging. Went to Qupi again with Tom. He orders the Croque Monsieur. Ham and cheese toasty. And I ordered the chicken mayonnaise baguette. 

I didn't like mine so much. The filling looked like tuna. It was so mushed! He liked his. 

Some smoothie place at Ocean Terminal. I got the Breakfast one, forgot the names! Mine was rather filling as it had museli in! The colours were so bright. I as surprised! Usually smoothies become a dulled colour. This not so much! 

Alas. My own recipe :)! Made this chilli con quorn. I am an addict! I love quorn. I love quorn chilli! It's sooooo good! Bought some thai jasmine rice from the chinese supermarket. Oh it's so much nicer than the regular kind in tescos! It tastes so much better and a better texture. I tried out my mini rice cooker also :)! 
I went to a place called Kennilworth. It's a wee pub on Rose Street. I got the haggis. Oh my god. It as super amazing :) Mmmm! The gravy. Nom. Not too keen on the mash. But the haggis and the turnip. Awesome stuff. 

Friend Stu got the steak and ale pie. Yeah. Look at the size of that beast! It as huge! 

Went to a wee cafe on Leith walk with another awesome friend called Aleksandra. Forgot the name of this place. It was some turkishy place I think...

She got me and Tom some belgian chooclate when she went on holiday :) How sweet! 

I got the kofte panini...

She got the ham and cheese. They both look so similar! 

Went back to the Kennilworth again with my friend Sashie. Got the 8oz steak. Which was AWFUL £9 quid for eurggggh! I asked for medium rare. It was well done ¬.¬ and so chewy. I couldn't finish it all. I would have prefered less chips and more mushroom! Never ordering this again. Yukkkkky! 

I think that's it for my food ventures to be honest. :)
More to come in the future ;)

Ciao Ciao x

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