Happy :D

Well, the last post was rather depressing!! 
Time for a happier post :)
As most of you know. I work at Chop Chop. I worked at the Haymarket branch! However I asked to move to the Leith branch due to it being closer to my home. Easier for travel etc. 
I ate at Chop Chop the day before my last day actually, I like the food so I don't mind eating there :)
So yes...as per! PHOTOS :D! Also it's time to do some promotion work ;)! GET DOWN TO CHOP CHOP LEITH! We would like to be packed everynight please :)! Make us waitresses and waiters smile with your company :)! 

79) Sliced cold beef
This is different to what most people order. From my time at Chop Chop, I find that only Chinese order this! I don't think I've ever served this to anyone who wasn't chinese. It tastes awesome. Wee bit salty, but the garlic makes up for it. 

812) Tender green beans with chilli. My favourite dish of ALL time! I love this. I love how every now and a again you get that nice tang of chilli! That and the garlic :)

85) Cucumber Salad! Mmmm :) another favourite of mine! 

137) Fried rice. I love it from here because they don't use so much soy sauce. I don't even think they use any! 

Not sure the number for this as it's not on the main menu anymore, it's on the chinese one though I think. Marinated Pork. Soooo good. I love the fat on the pork :)

Smiley :) and full! 

117) Sugar String Pancakes! 

With ice water to dip it into to make the coating CRISPY! Favourite dessert! Mmm

So yes now I've moved to Chop Chop Leith. Had my first two days there. And it's so different to the Haymarket branch. It's so much more organised! And team work is brilliant. I just hope I do a good job :)! 

Review done :)
Now please come visit me at the Leith Branch :) Merci! 

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