When the Singaporeanss came to Edinburgh!

Singaporeans! :) well two of them were. The wee bairns! So cute. So, what's it like coming from a boiling hot country to one that's so cold? In the words of wee Ollie.."It's freeeeezing"! It was absolutely lovely seeing them. Hopefully they move back to the UK in the next few years so I get to see more of them! We didn't do too much! Having kids with you and sight-seeing takes TIME! Wow. I am absolutely exhausted.  Remind me to never have kids..let alone two =P!
Kinda just chilled out the whole day. If you can call it chilled. Took them to Elephant House for lunch, since it is the birth place of Harry Potter! 
Wee Georgie and I :)! Kyoooooot!
My Aunty Karen and Wee Ollie! In front of the castle :)

The presents I got from Singapore! I love them. I love how my Aunty knows me. Well. Through facebook. She kinda...looks out or my posts and it's kinda good. Best thing ever? The Ewok (Wicket) keyring on the bottom left! I LOVE IT!! 

That's all :)

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