Christmas :)!

I hope you all had a lovely day. 
I stuffed my face. :) Just like every Christmas. 

Tree and presents :)!
We woke at around 9am, I didn't wanna, took me forever to get out of bed. I'm not the kid I used to be...mothers. Anyways. Opened everything. I was quite impressed. I'm not one for getting expensive presents, and only getting a few of them. I like getting lots but stocking fillers. It's what I grew up with :)! I think my favourite present is:
 Lotso! Okay. I know childish. But I'm a big Toy Story fan. I walked into the Disney store a few weeks back, and tweeted/facebooked saying I wanted one under my tree :)! In fact all the things I said I wanted on facebook, I friend got me a talking ewok! 
Cutest thing ever :)! Also got a my Neighbour Totoro Plush :)! 
Now onto the nosh :)
Pre Christmas day nosh :)! I was craving sprouts!

Salmon and prawn starter. 

Christmas dinner! I polished it all cept the roasties. Too full!

Look at the size of the sprout on my plate!

The best cake ever! Lemon Meringue cheese cake! 

The sister and I :)! I have flat boobs. Oh dear god lol. 

Presents :)! My sister bought me the dress and blazer on the front. My mother knitted me the green scarf! Love it! 

Hop you all had a really good day :)


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