More food!

So, I haven't posted any food photo's in a while! Food is a big part of me :)

I made this a few days ago actually. Just took a jar from the cupboard, I think it was tikka masala. Threw together some chicken, peas and green beans (both home grown) into the mix. Made some fried rice (I so fail at!). And voila. With a glass of mulled wine :)!

Sister and I went to Frankie and Bennies before we did our last minute shop! We went for the lunch deal, 'cos lets face it, it's well worth the price :)! 2 courses for £8! Then a refillable drink on top. So overall it was £10.80 each. I ordered the calamari for starters. There were loads! I could have just eaten this and been satisfied :)

Ordered the Louisiana wrap. It had Louisiana hot  sauce in it. I usually can handle that sauce, but oh my dear god, it burnt my mouth! Couldn't finish the thing. Wish I opted for the cheeseburger now. 

This is chicken terriyaki with steamed rice from a takeaway called Wasabi. This was the first time I ordered Japanese food from a take away. It was god awful! Just eat said I had to pay £12 including delivery charges. The delivery driver said otherwise. It was disgusting! The chicken was too sloppy and it was pretty bland! The rice was also really gooey. 

Also ordered salmon nigri. The fish was SO thin!! The wasabi also wasn't spicy? What? I put a load on my chop stick and ate it, and it tasted of nothing? Hm, strange. 

I made this on my first day back at home for Christmas. Not sure what it is. I took another jar from the cupboard. It went down a treat :)

Once again. Quorn chilli. I can never get enough of this stuff. So so good! 

After exams, my friends and I went to the Crofters pub in Sighthill. I ordered a ranch steak. Asked for it to be medium. It came out overdone. Meh. 

Rump Steak :) mmm! Made this before work. It was oh so good. I'm not sure what I seasoned it with though. I tend to throw in loads of stuff. 

Steak, boiled potaties and peas :) mmm before work again. 

I ordered this from Newhaven takeaway in Edinburgh. I got ostrich fried rice :)! It was good! First time eating ostrich too :)

My friend came round for revision on day. Decided to throw together pasta, tomato basil sauce, chicken and mozzerella together :) with garlic ciabatta. 

Wonton soup noodles! Oh man. It looks minging here. But I can assure you, it was comfort food! Basically, I went down the the chinese supermarket that is literally 1 minute away from me. Bought a pack of the Nissin Ramen noodles. Bought frozen wontons...bam. Cooked both together and it was awesome. The wontons surprised me. They had a whole prawn in :)! 

One of my close friend's cooked this along with his girlfriend who made the yorkshires! Oh man. The roasties. Amazing!

Some sort of white fish with parsley sauce :) Greens and parsnips :)

Congee! (Chinese: Jook). Basically it's just watered down rice. So a rice porridge. My Grandma used to cook me this when I had a bad belly as a kid. 

My flat mates mum cooked this for me :) Some sort of chicken dish...

Ordered this from Amazing Thai in Edinburgh. Amazing, NOT! So so bad! Chicken "RED" curry! With Sticky rice. It tasted like green curry and looks like green curry! Blaaaaah disgusting.

Oh man. The best burgers in the world from Asda. I forgot what it is? Think it was cheese and red onion. Anyways. It was delish :)

That is all for now...I hope to cook more in the new year :)!! At least once a week anyways :)




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