Result: New Years Resolutions 2011!

Okay so it's almost been a year. Have I completed my resolutions? I made 10, so if I did fail one, I had others :)! So my new year resolutions of 2011 were

1) Take a photo a day and blog it 
-This obviously failed :). I got bored. 365 photo's is just too many. :) I may be asian, bit even this is hard. You get bored. That and you have no idea what photo to take. 

2) Join the gym to shift the excess pounds gained from this holiday season
-Well I joined the uni gym up until July. I have no idea what I weight before. I do know however, I am half a stone lighter than last year. So bonus? 

3) Work harder at uni
-Yeah this didn't work this year...

4) Bitch less
-Haaaa :)

5) Train and complete a half marathon
-I didn't train
-I did complete a half marathon :)! YAY!

6) Spend less money, buy only things I really need
-this didn't work either. Spend so much on stuff I don't need ;)

7) Stay in contact with friends from Newcastle
-Kinda...just one person mainly

8) Phone my mother at least twice a week
-This did not work...went a whole month with no contact once. Oops!

9) Get a part time job in the summer
-BOOM! Worked at Chop Chop this summer, and still there :)

10) Sort out my skin!
-Kinda, less spots. But then they came back. So ya know...

Overall, not such a bad year :)

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