Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Bonjour ^_^!
1st of December :]. The time has gone by so quickly. I just re read all of my blog posts, and I'm pretty embarrassed by some of them. 10 months ago I was worrying about exams. 8 months ago I was worried about finding a job for the summer. What was all that worry for? I passed my exams. Maybe not to the best of my ability however, I did not fail. I got a job during the summer. Not sure why I was worrying :]! Although, I say that now and I'm panicking for the up-coming exams. 4th year is so much harder, as expected. I've still got coursework to do, and my exam is in 6 days! It's been hard with uni work these few months, and I honestly think I could have done better with the coursework. Timing with the breakup was a bit naff. I could have spent more time studying than moping. The results I got weren't bad though. Fisheries CW1: 62%. Debate: 60%. 

So I was flicking through my old blog posts, and came across a few pictures and quotes that I would like to repost. 

I wish this were true. Bedtimes are the worst for remembering the bad things! 

It's true. People always leave. But new people will always enter your life. 

This is also true. People who can't handle you for who you are just aren't worth keeping around! 

I'm not really sure what else to say. I have no news. Photo's. Zilch...


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