Oops! I've been slacking. I totally forgot about new years resolutions. I've not even been busy either. Kind of realised I blog more when I revision, or work to do. Procrastinator at her best :)! So my honours project is about to start. My topic title is "Nutrient uptake potential of seaweeds". Currently, I'm reading up on literature. I have a proposal due in early Februrary. It is pretty much a scary thought! Since I just remembered about new years resolutions, I shall start today :)! I shall be cooking from scratch tonight. Not sure what to make yet. Eating 5 fruit and veggies may be difficult, But I'll try eat as many as I can. 

I'm back in Edinburgh now. It's quite exciting. Well. Maybe I am being a little bit too enthusiastic. It's better than Newcastle. I'm not as bored. Home is nice for a short while. I spent about a month at home! Yikes! I came back a wee bit early because I got invited to see Ed Sheeran.
YES. ED SHEERAN! :)! Nom. I know, he's ginger. But oooft :)! 

I also completed a 5K. Okay. I may have jogged most of it (Except the shitty hill at the beginning, dear lord, I almost died!) but I only been my time from the year before by 1 minute 20 seconds. HOW!! I walked it that time. Kinda sucks. As per (Please Don't Laugh!):

So that was a fun exciting day. I ran for Diabetes UK and raised £50 for them. I totallyed up and I've raised over £600 for charity from my runs :). I aim to do another half marathon. Hopefully for Anthony Nolan and raising loads for them.
That's pretty much it for now :)!

Ciao x


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