I'm aware I haven't posted in a while. In fact my new years resolutions this year all of them are dropping like flies. Nevermind :). It's been a super busy few weeks with my honours project. I'm looking at the Nutrient stripping potential of seaweeds. So basically, seeing how fast certain seaweeds uptake nutrients. There has been studies trying to integrate seaweed "farms" with fish farms in order to suck up the nutrients. So I'm looking at the basic stuff really, but it's not going too well. Hopefully it will get better, if not I'm screwed. 

So I've been out lately. Quite a bit in fact. And as usual, I take photos. A few friends and I celebrated Chinese new year :)! I took them to Saigon Saigon, Edinburgh. I took friends last year too. This time we ordered a lot of food, enough to fill more people that were actually there! And we all shared this time too. For some reason, 3 massive bowls of fried rice were ordered, different types of course. 

Something fishy fried rice

Yung Chow fried rice

Mmm crispy noodles

Seafood! Baby octopus!

It wasn't a pretty sight

We ordered so much! There was only 9 of us!

Prawns :)

All of us after the meal. 
So that was it for Chinese new year. We went to Weatherspoons after for a couple of pints. 

So I discovered another farmers market! Well, my friend told me about it, and we went together. It's called Stockbridge Market and is there every Sunday. Open 10am-5pm! 

Just a few things I bought. The soap was given to me free by the lovely soap guy. 

After the market, we went to a little pub called Hectors. My friend ordered fish and chips! The fish was HUGE! 

I ordered the Bacon Loins (I'm not a big fan of bacon but this is pretty awesome). With sweet potato "chips", and a cressy/rockety salad with artichoke sauce. 

Another food trip! This time at the Handmade burger company! My God! Best place ever. Well for burgers. It's located in Ocean Terminal. I actually went twice with two different people. So these are from two different times, I didn't have two burgers =P
The wee menu :)

I ordered the red current and ginger lamb burger. Wopping £7.45 though. Friend ordered the cheese and bacon beef burger. 

Second time round, I ordered the Lamb tikka masala burger! £7.15

Oh yes. A FEAST!
IKEA food :)! Friend and I decided to procrastinate and venture to IKEA. There we had food :) Meatballs and cake! So good :)

Some uni friends and I went to Wagamama's for a little get together. More photos :)
Chilli Squid! :) Mmm! These were good! 

Chicken Raisukaree rice

Fro-yo! Lemon grass and and 2 scoops of passion fruit mmm! 

Another burger place I went to is Wannaburger. Oh it's usually good. But I ordered the special they had on Australia day! Ew! Never again. This consisted of pineapple, fried egg, Beetroot, gurkins..etc..not cool 

My friend from Newcastle came to Edinburgh with her parents. She's a childhood friend who I've known since I was 4 back in Nursery. We had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. It was my first time :)! Yeah! And hers too. 
I got the pulled port sandwich! I really couldn't finish this bad boy! 

Just a close up if the pulled pork sandwich

Berry smoothie :)

On Valentines day. After a long day in the labs. My friend and I went to a little place called Khublai Khan. It's a Mongolian restaurant which serves unusual meats. It's also a buffet type place. They call it a "feast". So the feast was around £23 per person. Not including drinks. Which is steep. However worth going to at least once! You get a starter, and a dessert with the price too. Basically. This place, you have a little table number magnet. You go up to the food bar, grab a metal bowl, go to each section and fill your bowl up. Then take it to the people who cook it, and you can watch them cook your meal or wait for them to bring it to you :)

The place mat had the ingredients to make certain sauces etc. 
I had the yak ribs for the starter

My friend had the chicken skewers

First you fill your bowl with rice or noodles. There was an option of bean sprouts too. Don't fill it too high! then it's the veggies! Add what you want, and again don't fill too full. 

Next you choose your spices. There's a list on your table, or above the spices. It advises which ones to put together or make up your own! 

Then it's the liquids. Again on the board it tells you what oils, sauces to add to your bowl :)

Lastly it's the meat! They had a range. I had Zebra, Camel, Llama, Wild boar and cod/haddock. They also had mixed game, Venison, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Baby octopus, mussels...chicken. 

My first bowl! Zebra! 

Onto the cooker :) Mines the last one. It looked the "healthiest", and the most green!! 

Mmm all cooked up into a bowl of mush! 

Lastly, to end it off. Dessert! I wanted them all!! 

I chose the Bailey's Creme Brulee! 

My friend had the coconut and lime icecream :)

So yes. This ends the January/February feast!! 


Are you hungry now? 

Munch x

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