Crazy couple o' weeks and more to come!

Hello :)!
What a crazy week. All I've done is work and get drunk. Nout else. Not even buy my graduation dress. Received my payslip and I've worked almost 60 hours. Probably the same again for this week. I now have 3 days off to chill. Totally needed! 

I decided to go home for a couple of days since I couldn't for my sister's birthday. I really wanted to go home to collect my new phone, but it's not shipped yet. Boo! All my phones broke, so stuck with a rubbish Samsung which is just so rubbish it switches off every now and again. Decided to buy out my contract and now waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 :)! Super epic! 

Random stuff has happened over the past few weeks. I received my results from uni! Finally after 4 years of studying, I've passed with a 2:1 degree in Marine and Freshwater biology. It's pretty awesome. :)! I graduate next week, on June 21st! It's so silly how we can't wear hats, only for photo's. I bought one anyways. The mother insisted. 

I applied to Heriot Watt for a masters course in marine biodiversity and biotechnology and received a conditional offer. I have the 2:1 needed, so I think I have a place. Just need to send in my transcript, funding info etc...hopefully it runs smoothly :)! 

Still enjoying the job at the Zoo. :) hopefully stay there for the duration of my masters. That's if I get enough hours to pay rent. Yikes. Forget I'm totally on my own from now on. It's a scary thought! Hoping work a lot through the summer and save that to help with living during the masters. Fingers crossed it goes well :)! 

Recently had a work event. Just some party in one of the eateries at the zoo for someone's leaving party. Just a few photo's as usual :) 
Crazy bunch o' people! 
My team lost so we had to drink through penis straws...not sure what was in bucket...cider, wine and beer I think! Eugh! 
Surfin' the ride


That's it for now :)! Update another time in the near future =]


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