Edinburgh Great Run

Every year I enter some sort of run and raise money for charity. I've decided to enter the Edinburgh Great 10K run on October 7th in aid of Anthony Nolan. For those of you who have no idea who Anthony Nolan are, they are an amazing charity like most charities. I chose this charity out of the 100's of them because I like the work they do. I would love for the world to recognise this charity however at this current time, not everyone does. 

I am a donor of many things, and when I cam across bone marrow donation, I didn't have to think before registering. People have said to me, wow, but it will hurt if you get called. I honestly do not care. Yes it will hurt. But how long would I be in pain for? What about those that need the bone marrow? Are they not in pain all of the time? So, it's such a little price to pay. 

I sincerely hope I raise awareness of Anthony Nolan because they need a lot more people on their register. There needs to be more matches and more lives saved. 

I am hoping to complete this run in about 45 mins-60 mins. Hopefully with the determination and training I will hit the target. Or at least finish with a massive smile on my face! 

If you could. Please sponsor me, I have a few months to raise £100! http://www.justgiving.com/runningmunchkin

Pretty serious blog post...I'll be updating on my training also :)


Kells x


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