Updating everyday about my running progress has truly failed :)! Recently have new running gear! Boom. Birthdays are fun! Recently I've been so busy with work. I love working, as it keeps me busy but boy am I tired! That's most of my news! My life is pretty boring. I do have a flat for when my current ones ends. New lease should start around the 14th-16th August. Looking forward to move!

I'll be doing my masters in September! Paying it all on my own! Scary thought! Going to be studying Marine biodiversity and biotechnology! The biotechnology part sounds fun. I sure hope I can hack it. I have a lot more going on, aka needing to work while studying and not relying on rent! I applied for a loan for my masters, but got rejected due to my credit history. I have no credit history, therefore...yeah. So stupid. But hey ho. I have about 70% of my tuition fee saved up. Now it's hoping I manage the other 30%! I have time though. I have a whole year to pay off the extra 30%!! Thankfully...

Recently it was my birthday! 22. Boo. I enjoyed my birthday, it was greater than last year. Last year sucked. Had a party in my flat with a few work folk and a few uni folk. Safe to say, a little too drunk. Somehow decided to sleep on my floor. Woke up freezing. Had two people stop over, one guy from work on the sofa and the other in my bed which I was to share as it fits too people...I decided on the floor because "My back was sore". Yeah. I was stupid.

Just my fridge

Just some people...

I went home for a couple of days to celebrate with the family and a close friend. I arrived home the day before my birthday in the evening. Decided to walk to my mother's work place and "surprise" her. Ended up getting lost and phoning my mum. She got the delivery driver to save me! Phew! Had a wee party at my house the next day with family and then the day after my mum and I took the dog to a place called Kirkhale lake. We had a wee birthday lunch. Then in the evening before my train, my step dad treat me to an indian where the naan was HUGE! :D!

Anyways, enough for now. 

Peace bro...x


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