Olympics, work, food :) + a mini review!

Another week gone! Not so sure where the time keeps going. So, this week I've worked, watched some of the Olympics, baked, cooked and signed a lease :).
To start with, I had a day off  at the end of last week and decided to bake a cake. Decided on a chocolate cake, decorated with maltesers! 
The batter wasn't really mixed well. I gave up really. The recipe told me to throw everything in and mix. 

The cake was so bouncy! It collapsed a wee bit when I took it out of the oven which was expected...the smell was heavenly.

Voila! Final result. I was quite impressed. Honestly,. when I bake, the cake turns out dry! But this, it was so gooey. 

I had three days off in a row this week, which ended with only a one day off. My own fault really, I agreed to work on my days off. I worked a shift at the Sheraton Hotel, on Lothian Road, and honestly was a pretty bad agency shift. However I am a few quids richer. 

On my actual day off, I met with a friend I used to work with at the Zoo, Matilda. We decided to go to the new frozen yoghurt place. So here comes the review! 

Get Frisky! I always walk past this little frozen yoghurt store on Lothian Road. It's a genius idea. Of course, it's not a new idea, however having a froyo place in Edinburgh is pretty neat. Not really sure how they'll make profit in the Winter, but right now it is PERFECT!

I had two in a day! It was that good! They have 3 different sizes, and 3 different flavours. Natural, Mango, Raspberry and Chocolate. They used to have green tea but it changed to Raspberry. Pretty neat. There's a list of toppings, and you can pick up to 3 toppings. I forget prices now though. So worth it! If you've not been, it's time to go :)

After Frisky, we decided to hit the international market place. I actually have no idea what it's called. It was heaaaaving!

Decided to look at a few bracelets :). There were a few of these stores. 

I thought this was pretty cool..

Decided on some noodles for lunch from one of the vendors..it was horrible! Basically plain noodles with a dollop of thai sweet chilli sauce and a few bits of chicken...! Tssssk! 

Anyways, that is all.



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