Thankful for this day off!

Super thankful for a day off! You know when you're always at work and realise you have no time to get things sorted? Thankfully managed to get everything I wanted to do in 1 day, including baking a cake! Now to relax with a cup of tea! 
August is here, not really sure where the time has gone. Soon it'll be gosh. But yeah. Today. I baked a cake :)! A chocolate malteser cake which I am pretty proud of! My cakes never go well. They either don't cook or are bone dry. This however. SOOOO GLOOPY :)

It kinda collapsed..
Om nom nom the end result :)! Like I said. Pretty surprised it worked :)! 

Also cooked pork belly marinated in a syrup sauce with spicy tagliatelle :) I actually feel so fat right now. Diet will be starting! Ha! Need to lose at least a stone before Christmas then gain that stone back :)! Yeah. 

So, yeah. Pretty sad time at work at the moment. Two of the best people are leaving :(! Had a wee leaving night for them, well one of them 'cause the other had to do adult things and get a job. Ya know. Got pretty drunk...and dropped my phone down the loo :(! It works fine now though! Thank god I picked it out right away and it was before! Phew! Never taking my phone out again. It was actually a pretty decent night, from what I remember. Apparently I fell on the floor. I only remember falling once, but that was cos someone tickled the death out of me. Aye. As per. Photo's! 
I honestly love this girl :)

Love this boy also :)

I hit my head...Not sure why she was squeezing my head. But she was :)!

Ooft! I also have a Kindle :)! Used my birthday cash to buy it and it's the best thing ever! Super handy :D
Yes, I'm reading 50 Shades :)! 50 Shades Freed :)! It's not as dirty as people make out. ;)

I adore this song :)! It actually means a lot to me. Took me out of some darrrrkish times. Someone different sang it of course, Kim Walker (Jesus Culture). I prefer this version!

Right. Until next time :)

Kell x

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