Wee bit late!

I'm a bit late updating my blog! Oops, been a pretty busy bee lately. I have so many assignments due in such a small space of time mixed with work here and there.

So since my last blog post. I have successfully enrolled to Heriot Watt university studing a masters of science in marine biodiversity and biotechnology. Safe to say I have a very tough year ahead of me. A very very tough year. I'm dedicated so I'm sure I can do it. Pretty neat going to one of the top 10 universities in the UK. Recently, Heriot Watt has been moved from 29th or so in the Sunday times rank to 9th! It was also ranked 4th best in the UK for student satisfaction (i think, 4th in something) and also 1st in Scotland! Ooh and is also Sunday Times best university 2 years in a row. Neaaaato.

Uhm. So that's pretty much it. All I've done is work. Eat. Sleep. Study. Uni. More eating...getting drunk accidentally and throwing up in the uni loos hungover...yeaaaah typical student life :).

Heading back to a place called Millport in a few weeks with the uni..not so enthusiastic. Honestly, the last time I was there, it was such a bad experience, I don't really wanna go back...9am-9pm with work. Rain rain rain. Dogwhelks. Oh man. The worst...the showers..that's what put me off the most :(..communal showers are so...icky. *cringe*!! It should be better this time. Not the showers. Hm.

So yes. My life up to date.

So long, ;)

Kelly K



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