Snow is falling...not

Merry Christmas everyone!
I would have blogged on Christmas day but I was occupied and possibly a little bit intoxicated...!
It was the first time I have spent Christmas away from home. Feeling a tad homesick as Christmas is supposed to be "family time". Got to speak to the mother though which was nice. she sent a funny text on Christmas morning.."It's proper chucking it down, the dog won't even go out and pee". 
Christmas at work was rather...busy!! We had 70 people in the downstairs room for Christmas dinner. Three course meal. And then 60 in the upstairs room. Had a few grumpy people, which in my opinion is not right. It's Christmas, being grumpy should not be allowed! Especially around those who aren't with their families and working. What annoyed us the most was that we never got Christmas dinner, it was all thrown in the bin. Anyways, we weren't unhappy for long as we found a wee pub and got a wee bit merry :]! I wasn't planning on getting drunk but was fed  quite a few shots..mixing drinks..oh boy. Can't even remember getting in a taxi to go home. Oops. I also gave a guy my phone number. Cannot! Remember this!!! Got a text from the guy and well safe to say I am not replying back. ^_^. 
I got a few wee things for Christmas :]! My mum said I some presents at home which I'll get in January...excited! I asked for a Jack Wolfskin coat, and she said she got me it :]. Hopefully she didn't get me anything else, don't want anything else as the coat is enough. 
The top two, necklace and headphones I got myself ;]..well with the money my step dad sent technically he got me them. The bottom right is possibly my favourite present :]! A torch! I love this wee thing. I got it from my manager at work because everytime I work a night function, I'm always running around the place scared (cos I swear it's haunted), that and we always bump into each other and scare each other. 
Yeaaaah this picture explains a lot ;]! His arm was not tasty..

So yeah, Christmas started for me on Boxing day. Kinda. Nursed a HUGE hangover. Stayed in bed until 3pm...and cooked a three course dinner :]. 
My favourite soup to start! Carrot and Coriander. Loveeee my carrots :]. Coca cola pork and veggies. And dark chocolate truffles. The cola pork was amazing, swear I made sweet and sour sauce, tasted like it. The truffles were soooo messy to make! 

Anyways, just a quick post. 
Hope you all had a splendid time :]


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