The best of 2012 and New Year Resolutions!

Howdy-do-de! Well it's the last day of 2012!!! Where on has the time gone? It sure has flown by. This year was a pretty successful year. Many ups rather than downs which is pretty rare. So what exactly made 2012 a really good year? Pictures as always :)
I got to see the wonderful Ed Sheeran in January! Seriously, this only felt like yesterday, I can't believe it was almost a year ago when I saw him live! The down to this was that I lost my ipod touch, it fell out of my pocket *sigh*. 
I completed the Edinburgh Great Winter run! Sadly not doing it in 2013, doing other fun exciting stuff instead :). 
Started and completed my honours project with the crazyness that is Angela.
Visited the awesome Khubli Khan restaurant and tried so many different meats!
Joined the Zoo catering staff :)! Best part of 2012! I met so many lovely people! Like...lots of people!
Almost conquered my fear of heights...sadly I was so scared I had to get off this go ape style play thing.
I went to my first cross dressing party and dressed like an asian boy ned :D
I graduated! :)
Was drunk sooo many times..! 

Volunteered for the 6th World Fisheries conference where I got to meet so many people! Quite an experience. Also the time when I found out about the marine MSc courses at Heriot Watt.
Joined the Heriot Watt MSc crew ;)!
I went to Millport and almost conquered my fear of presentations...almost but not quite :) Ooooh and got to go into a hyperbaric chamber which was pretty epic!

I almost climbed a tree!

First time spending Christmas away from home. 

Fell asleep on many many buses and classes!! 

and met my Dad again after 5 years.

This is just a wee snippet of my 2012. There were many many more good times. The falling asleep on buses is one of my highlights because it takes an hour to get to uni, and sleeping for an hour before class really really makes my day :)! 

So 2013, I wonder if the year to come will match this year because it was an amazing year. New year resolutions, well, not so many, quitting certain things and give blood 4 times (I never seem to be able to do it 4 times a year hmph!)
And things to look forward to! MSc project! Graduation! Becoming a rescue diver! 

So yes, good bye 2012 :) you were pretty fun. Hello 2013...!

Kells x

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