Delices de Mademoiselle Review

It's been a while since I've written a review on food places. Today, I went to a small cute French cafe. My friend Angela and I discovered it by random. We were both hungry after walking 3.5 miles and saw a little sign directing us to tea and cakes. We discovered Delices de Mademoiselle. It definitely attracted our attention. 
As you can see, it's even cute on the outside. They had dangly things on the door handle. 

The interior was well cute! It was nice and cosy. Perfect little tea and cake room! They had cakes on display which are all homemade. Sadly I forgot the prices of them all...Macaroons are 75p each. They have deals where you can get a sandwich and 2 macaroons for around £4.20. Also sandwiches around £2-3. Coffee and tea around £2.50/ 
I ordered the mocha. I was craving coffee. Bad mistake. I really didn't like the coffee. It tasted like it was mixed with water. I think it was instant coffee with instant hot chocolate and squirty cream because I didn't see or hear an espresso machine. Next time I will get a pot of tea. They have different kinds. My friend got a pot of morning tea and she liked it. 

I also ordered a sandwich. It wasn't a fancy sandwich. Just two slices of bread with salami, mustard and salad. My friend got the same filling but on a baguette.  

We also got some cakes! Macaroons (Pistachio and Lemon). Both amazing. Can't go wrong with macaroons! The lemon pie was also pretty darn good. I couldn't finish it because it was just so big! I like lemon flavoured desserts. Especially when the taste is very lemony! 

Overall, I'd give this place a 7/10. Their tea, cakes and the atmosphere was superb!  The service was good! The man was so nice. He was in the back when we left, and he ran out of the door to say goodbye to us. They could do with more exciting sandwiches and better coffee. 

Until next time. 

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