Quick update

Great weekend,
Had to go home to see the momma, family reasons. Managed to get some diving in. Went to Capernwray quarry to do my advanced open water, but sadly some problems occurred and couldn't carry on. My mask kept leaking, which of course is so cold. I couldn't equalise my ears, and that's the main thing, the left ear just wouldn't go. After spending 1 hour 30 in water, both on surface and some below, decided to leave it. Next time :).

Got my grades back, whey, safe to say I passed. I had a pretty rubbish time after one exam, and it turns out it was my best one. Not sure how it happened, honestly 100% thought it went bad, because I ran out of time on my last question. Wonder what I would have got if I did have time for the last question. Grades:

Marine Ecology and Fisheries: 65%
Marine Organisms and Diversity: 65%
Marine Ecotoxicology: 67%
Marine Resources and Sustainability: 68%

Averaging a B...which is pretty neato. Just a few % more than what I used to get in undergrad. So a wee bit happy about it. 


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