Exciting Week!

This week was pretty exciting. It all started with an assignment called "Dragons den" for Marine Biotechnology. We had to come up with our own innovative idea that we could use from the oceans. The idea we had was a biodegradable cigarette called Oceanlites made using polyhydroxyalknotes. I apparently, founded the company after my dog ate a cigarette butt and I'm business woman of the year. Nice little bit of made up fun. We worked out finance...etc and had to present it to the class. 
We were sort of interactive, I create a leaflet which included facts about out company and an example cigarette packet. Also a video which sadly couldn't be played during the presentation. 
This is the cigarette package I created. 

In the middle of pitching my part! 
Our video promoting Oceanlites! Shame this didn't play during the pitch! Nevertheless, our pitch was pretty fun. 

I also attended an event called "Changing Oceans" at Our Dynamic Earth. It was a short free event, with three speakers speaking about climate change. Three totally different talks, coral reefs to renewables. Next week, I'm going to another event at the National Museum, a 7 hour symposium. I had to pay £27, which is pretty hefty however, it'll most likely not attend many of these in the future, so might aswell experience these now. Also some Heriot watt Speakers and Napier Speakers. Should be fun. 

That's it for now. I'll be posting another update shortly, reviewing a restaurant! I reviewed this restaurant a few years back, and didn't like the place. This time they change the layout and the food was pretty neat. 



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