Life is one big lesson!

So, lately I've realised that life is just one massive lesson...! The last few weeks I've realised the people who deserve a place in my life and the ones who well, just don't. People take you for granted and also use you to get what they want. Once they have it, you're in the gutter. 
Some people also need to realise that I have no time to socialise anymore. Not until after all the deadlines are out of the way. That and I have absolutely no money. Instead, people are just so clingy, trying to get me to spend an evening with them, or hang out. Then they get grumpy because I say I can't and they STILL try and force me. And now I get ignored because, hey ho I put my studies first. Not worth it and absolutley childish. 
 I've always said, I am in Edinburgh for my studies. Studying comes first for me. It always has done. I don't just pass exams from going out all the time. I actually need to study to even get average marks! 

I guess that's my rant over. It wasn't intended to be a rant. 

Enough of the sad posts :]. I have my project sorted for next semester. Providing I pass semester 2! If I fail one course, I can't do a resit until god knows when leading to not being able to start my project. So must pass...must! I'm going to be studying Surpula vermicularis reefs! Their common name is Serpulid. They're pretty neat! I never though I'd like worms. These aren't just any worms though, these are really pretty. And they're like rareish. Rare as reefs anyways. The biggest reef is in Loch Creran. And a small one in Loch Teacuis. They're also protected under the habitats directive under annex 1. Oh yeah, went on a bit of a tangent. Basically, my project is to look at how phytoplankton abundance affects the distribution of these reefs. Not really sure how much field work I get to do, probably just one day sampling which is a shame. Won't be in the lab that much either. I don't think anyways...
I do get to go on a boat (I think!) or I assume I would...I'm not sure how else I would get to sample phytoplankton from those depths. I'm going to be comparing between different stations as well as depths...I dread the statistics! 

That's pretty it for now. Work at 10.30 tomorrow morning, and I'm pretty sure I'll sleep in >_<! 


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