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Just an update of my week, everything has been good. 
I've completed all my deadlines for semester 2, well I have one left to read over and maybe tweak a little, but the majority of it is done. Now it's time to sit down and revise hard! I plan to revise for hours and hours...:]

I've been looking into what I want to do after I finish my MSc, and I've applied to two PhDs. Hopefully the outcome would be good, but if not, I can try again another time :]. I've also applied for a marine job for the JNCC as a mapping scientist. GIS during my MSc was tough, and you need a lot of patience, but I really really enjoy it! Need to learn not to put myself down if I get turned away. It's one of the main reason why I don't want to apply for graduate jobs or PhDs. I know I'll kick myself hard when I get turned down. 

The two PhDs I've applied for are totally different to each other! But I have such a wide area of interest, they both are very appealing. I've still not decided on what I want my career to be in, which I've been told is weird and I should know by now. I have such a wide interest that I need to be working in that area before I realise what my interest is. 

I've been asked numerous of times what I want to do when I graduate. But honestly. I know what I don't want to do but not the other way around. :)

So this week is science week in Edinburgh! It's pretty cool. I attended a symposium which cost £27 which was pretty hefty. But it was well worth it. I enjoy listening to talks about people's current research and interests. It's possibly why I have such a wide interest myself. 

I also received a grade back this week! 76% in a monitoring report. I'm pretty proud of it. In my undergraduate, all reports were 63% or under. And it's still such a shock getting a higher mark. I did spend a lot of time on it. And at the end of it, I can say I enjoy statistics. I'm weird. I know ;]! 

I'm back at the zoo officially. The past few days have been mega busy! The first day of the Easter holidays was so busy that we were under prepared. The weather was amazing too, it felt like spring! However today the weather went back to it's norm and it started to spit snow. Nevertheless, we were mega busy. The coffee shop made over £2K. It usually reaches £1K. Need to earn my pennies :]

I'm also looking for volunteer opportunities to do with marine through the summer. But I'm doing my project and need to work, so it may not be an option. I need to somehow boost my CV with more experience. Especially with lab work. 

Last week, I was involved in a beach clean with the Marine Conservation Society. The weather was SO cold! The wind down by the beach  was soooo cold! The plastic bin bag was flapping about. It was crazy. The amount of rubbish we collected was unbelievable. I found a washing up glove! And there was a lot of fabric type material. Even sanitary towels, tampon applicators and lots of cotton swabs! In total, I collected 14kilos of rubbish! That's more than what I have to wear when diving in a drysuit! 

Anyways, such a weird post this week. I'm most likely not going to post again until after exams! I need to write more clearly too. My posts seem to be like a brain splutter :)! 


Kelly K

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