Tenji Restaurant Review

I decided to visit home for a few days and my Mother took me to a pretty neat buffet restaurant. Buffet these days consist of Chinese food and it's starting to get a little bit boring. This buffet is Japanese buffet, albeit it was run by Chinese people. It is rare getting decent Japanese food in the UK. This was okay for a buffet. The prices was a little steep. 

As you can see, it's almost £20 for evening dining. Drinks are £5 for unlimited refills. I *think* it includes wine and beer which is decent. But for fizzy juice, not so much!
Part of the dining area, Not all of it is like this, it would be nice if it was! 
They had a range of sushi! I loved this part. The sad thing was, I stopped eating fish since October due to my views on sustainability. I do eat Salmon, since it's mostly sourced from aquaculture. They had a range of sushi from sashimi to maki. They even had crab. 

This was the tepenyaki section. You chose what you want and ask the man to cook it. There are little tags on your table with a table number and they bring it out to you. 
Fried part...I forget what these are called? They had Gyozas etc there. 

The tepenyaki cooking. You could stand and watch or go eat and wait. I chose to eat and wait. 

Steak! You get a full steak to yourself and can go back for more. I asked for medium rare, it was actually amazing!
They had these dotted about, and they were filled with hot foods like Japanese curry, beef pots etc. 

A selection of desserts including macaroons.

And a freezer full of icecream! 
Just a photo of m, stuffing my face.

I do think this is worth going to again, however, I'd advise going very hungry! It's around £25 a head, the total bill came up to £48 for the buffet and unlimited drinks. In my opinion this is fairly cheap considered that most Japanese restaurants charge more than £25 for tepenyaki and sushi! This is all you can eat also. 

I particularly like this buffet due to the range of food. You go to buffet these days and everything seems to be a tad boring. I also rather like the fish! Not many places offer fish in buffets as it can be hefty for them to buy in. They also had tuna sushi! Tuna can be heavy on the pocket, so must praise this restaurant for offering this. 

I can't wait to come here again. I am a sucker for Japanese foods, and hopefully, they'll still be around in July for my birthday. I say hopefully because restaurants seem to disappear in Newcastle, even if they are really good! 

Here's a wee link to their website, if you're in Newcastle, pop along and give it a try. If you like Japanese food of course. 

That's it from me. 


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