I can't think of what to title this post!

Hello ^^!
My project is well on it's way, currently spending so much time on the computer that my eyes hurt! It's help if I wore my glasses, hehe. So, since my last update, I received my exam results. I'm pretty chuffed with them, as I worked hard during the semester. The hardest I have ever worked! So yeah, I got:
Marine Biotechnology: 72%
GIS: 76%
Practical Marine Biotechnology: 75%
Marine Environmental Monitoring: 69%

Averaging at 70% from both semester 1 and semester 2 courses. Pretty neat, never averaged above 62% in my life! I just need to work equally as hard and get a good mark for my project. 
Speaking about my project, I went to Loch Creran a month ago. It's in the North West of Scotland, near Oban. Such a beautiful place!!   

      Those were just a few photos of my fieldtrip, however, results were a bit pants, and I think I'll be going back soon to redo it, with more replicates, depths yaddddayada :)! 

It's taken me so long to write this blog! I've totally lost the way of blogging! It's now my bedtime, so I shall write again soon! 



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