Blimey! Three posts in one day. It's a miracle if I post three posts in three months! 
Recently, it was my 23rd birthday...woo? No I don't think so, I don't exactly like birthdays. However, I did this time. I was pretty much in a sulk because well, not a fan of celebrating my birthday on the day. Especially when there's no family involved.  

The day before my birthday, I came home from work and my lovely flatmate surprised me with a cake and a present which was sweet. I wasn't going to see her on my actual birthday.
Just  blowing out my candles :]


We also went on a little walk around the Shore in Leith. Leith can be quite stunning at times!!

On my actual birthday, I got to spend it with someone awesome. We had a mooch around Edinburgh, went to dinner. Because I hate celebrating my birthday on my actual birthday, it was lovely. Just what I wanted :]

The next day we went up Carlton Hill. I've been in Edinburgh for 5 years now, and finally got to go up there! It's a nice view of Edinburgh actually. 
View towards Leith

Not sure what this is...

Arthur's Seat 

I then went to Chez Joules for dinner. It was amazing. A nice wee French restaurant. I tried frog legs and snails for the first time...frog legs yay, snails nay! 

Thank you, you know who you are for making my birthday awesome. now to more celebrating. I celebrated properly on the Sunday after. I may have gotten a tad bit drunk. Just a tad ;]. Went to a beer garden, three sisters and somehow ventured into a karaoke to say I wouldn't win any X factors ;]! 

Kelly K

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