Tough August!

Hey Guys and Girls! 
Thought I'd procrastinate a little bit and update my blog, since there hasn't really been a real post from me. 
So its now nearing the end of August, which is a little bit scary! I only have 10 days to finish my thesis. Although, to be honest, I'm quite glad its done soon. As much as I loved the MSc this year, I want it to be over. I've learnt a lot this past year! 

So, recently I went back out to Loch Creran to collect my final samples. It was pretty much pushing it! I mean, deadline is soon. It was basically the only time my supervisor could go. I had to stay over night too, which I found to be quite...awkward! I had to travel up in a wee truck type vehicle, with two of my lecturers, safe the say, I found the chat very hard to get into. Also had to stay in a caravan with a sleeping bag. It was no the cosiest of nights!

The next day, it was pissing it down! And it was rather chilly! Spent all day and evening on the boat. I didn't really do much. We first got my samples, which took about 2 hours to process. Then waited around for my lecturers to complete my dice transects. They did 5 dives. One of them almost lasted an hour, it was a LONG time! Then had to gather more samples and process which took another 2 hours...I got very wet. I should have taken waterproof trousers instead of sweatpants! 

Wew. So anyways, I'm in such a happy mood lately, very happy. All because of one person! I'll be getting to see this special awesome person in 9 Days :]! He's flying from Stornoway for the weekend, and safe to say, I am pretty excited and want the time go faster!!! Then it's Stornoway in 26 days for one week!! 
I have many amazing plans for the next few months and next year :] 

Stay tuned!


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