Wonderful Surprise!

Yesterday, I finished my thesis! I had no choice but to finish it two days before the deadline. However, it's all done now, and hopefully I get an okay mark for it. 
So I spent all of Thursday doing my thesis, and half way through, I hear the intercom go off at my door..."I have a delivery for flat 6" 
I honestly had no idea what it was and neither did my flat mate. Out comes this lady from the lift carry two bunches of flowers. One for my flat mate and one for me. 
The poor lady,I don't think I even thanked her, I was that excited I screamed "ANGELA. ANGELA WE HAVE FLOWERS....Who are they from?" haha!
Angela opened her wee note first and it was from David :]! Congratulating us for finishing our thesis! It was such a nice wee surprise, I've never been sent flowers before! Or even been given flowers! 

Such lovely flowers :]!

I also have 24 hours and 53 minutes until I get to see David! I hate how I have to work 2pm-1am tomorrow! Totally sucks but hey ho! 

That's my news for today, excellent news :]

Kelly K 

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