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Last weekend was possibly one of my favourite weekends! 
David came to visit, and it was such an amazing weekend. Safe to say I did almost nothing! 
Friday night, I had to work at the silly zoo! Such an awful shift as I was supposed to finish at 1am, but didn't until 2:45! Nuts! David had to wait for me outside my flat also-poor soul!
Just a wee selfie of us on the bus, I look rather emo with my eye covered. Also rather tired-as you can see with the huge bag under my eye! 
The day started with breakfast in bed, and then a wee mooch around town, trying to find shoes! Not for me, for David....heh ;]! I was pretty tired, I was walking around like a zombie! But enjoyed every moment, I'm surprised I wasn't grumpy-most people know if I'm zombie like, I get very very moany and grumpy! 

In the evening, we went to Pho's Vietnam House, on Grove Street. For a wee little dinner date and celebrating the end of my thesis! This is one of my favourite wee restaurants! 

Goi Cuon-Fresh spring rolls. These are my favourite! Love these wee things, but really messy to eat! 

Cha Ca-Fish cake like. It didn't actually taste like fish...more like a lamb kofta. They were tasty though! 

David had this-Com Chen Dac Bet. Some form of seafood rice. It was pretty good! 

Thit Heo Kho-Braised Pork. AMAZING! I was pretty full half way! Woops! 

Melon icecream served in half a melon! Pretty tasty! But I could taste it for hours after. 

One of the guys at my work is leaving to go to America for a month!! So after the meal, we headed along to a place called Finnegans wake. Live Irish (?) band. Pretty cool.
I am such a weirdo :]! My silly phone case got in the way but I like the photo :] it looks rather awesome 

 The Sunday was rather lovely too. I actually done NOTHING!! We managed to wander to Ocean Terminal to finally buy shoes! :] I was pretty tired again (I'm such a lazybones!). He had to leave at 4am though to catch his flight back to his wee kids! Worst morning ever, probably had about 3 hours sleep, and he had to leave to get a plane to make it on time to teach his class. His plane was delayed by an hour too. Stornoway is too far! Pft! 

On a brighter note, I'll be in Stornoway 10 days from today :] :]
It can't come any sooner!
K x

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