Digby Chick

David and I went to a wee restaurant in Stornoway called Digby Chick. It's apparently the best place to eat in the town. It was pretty good also and a decent price for the early menu (5.30-6.30pm). I'm pretty sure everyone goes for this deal in the town as there is a good selection of food and three courses for £18.95.
Their early menu can be seen here http://www.digbychick.co.uk/early_evening_menu.html

I started with the Giant mushroom filled with new potato, red onion, chorizo and roasted pepper with bacon and egg breadcrumbs. Wow that was a bit of a tongue twister. it was pretty good! Until I found a small hair! Luckily it didn't put me off my food as it would usually do. The texture was pretty weird with the chorizo and the bacon breadcrumbs. I think there may have been a bit too much in one dish. My taste buds didn't really know what to do. 3/5 for this dish. 

 David had the local mussels cooked in garlic, white wine, parsley and cream. 
I had a wee try of the mussels. I'm a bit wary of mussels as sometimes they can make me break out in huge rashes. The mussels I assume are local, and tastes good, cooked well. Not chewy etc. However the sauce was very very garlicy. 3/5 for this one. The sauce was too...garlicy. 

For mains I had the seasame and oyster sauce roasted pork belly with grain mustard mash, black pudding pakora and cream of mushroom. This tasted good. Sadly, I couldn't really taste the pork belly marinade. The pork belly wasn't too fatty, I'm a sucker for fatty pork, however, this would have been perfect for a lot of people. 4/5 for this! The black pudding pakora's were tasty, and I'm pretty sure it would have been Stornoway Black Pudding from Charles Macleod. The mustard mashed potato was a wee bit lumpy! I'm a fan of creamy mashed potato, however I do love mustard through my mash, so it made up for the lumpyness! 

David had the fillet of cajun salmon on garden pea, prawn and spring onion risotto with crispy leak and a smoked fish and gruyere croquette. I had a wee taste of the croquette, and it was good! I didn't try any of the salmon or risotto, I think my dish filled me up, and was too full :). 

Usually by this point I'd be too full for dessert, but it was just the right portions, and I still had room for dessert! This was the meringue nest with pineapple and toasted coconut, smooth mango and cream soda sorbet. 4/5 for this! the cream soda sorbet was amazing! It literally just melted in my mouth and was so easy to eat! I could eat a whole tub of this stuff! The meringue was rather chewy, it was crispy on the outside, but the inside was too chewy. The pineapple and smooth mango complemented this dish well. 

David has the chocolate praline eclair with coffee creme brule. The coffee creme brule was good, I was so full by this point I couldn't eat any more. The creme brule didn't make the crack noise as I love to hear though! :(

Overall this restaurant is definitely worth a visit. The restaurant is small and cosy, with a romantic atmosphere. £18.95 for these three courses was a bargain! Moving here in a few months, so I will definitely visit here again and again, and try out the rest of the menu! Make sure you reserve a place, I'm not so sure if they accept walk ins! 

I will also visit all the restaurants in Stornoway, and give these informal reviews :)! 

That's it for now! 


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