Edinburgh to Stornoway

So, it's 7 days until I get to see my wonderful boyfriend David..! It's pretty hard going at times as he's currently in Stornoway teaching his primary school children for a year. When he's not around, it feels like something is....missing. This is a rather sappy post, I know. 
I kind of have plan for the next half a year. I plan on working full time at the zoo right up until Christmas, possibly including Christmas day. Hopefully I'll be getting around 40-50 hours per week. I'll be planning on moving up to Stornoway after Christmas, until July. 
Depending on if I find a full time job there or not, I'll most likely stay for a few more months. If there is no full time job (any job!) I'll most likely move to a big Scottish city like Glasgow or Aberdeen. I'm not sure I want to move back to Edinburgh....
Hopefully by end of December, I'll have a fair bit of money saved in order to pay my last months rent, and leave a month and a half early. 
I've known David for a year and a half, he did my interview for the zoo job, and oh. It's such a long story. A lot of people would think it is too soon to move up to someone who I've only been in a relationship with for a month, but like I said, it's such a long story! A years long story! :] ahhh! Won't go into that story right now, but maybe one day! 

Time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more...♪

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