HS-1 Cafe Bar, Royal Hotel

Last night, David and I headed into the town to do a bit of food shopping. I was a wee bit hungry, so we went out for dinner to a place called HS-1. It looked like a Weatherspoons from the outside. It was just a bar trying to serve fancy food. To be honest, the prices they charge for dinner is a little bit ridiculous. It was around £13-14 per head just for mains. 
To start we ordered the Nachos Racheros, which is a starter for two. This is a very strange combination? Nachos and samosas. The nachos could have had more salsa, even other nacho related stuff like soured cream! The veggie samosas are like any other samosas...the mango and mint dipping sauce was pretty awesome though! I say dipping sauce because it was very runny and not very chutney like! £9.25

This looks disgusting, but it was actually pretty tasty! Real good comfort food at an extortionate price. This was the Millefueille of spicy philly beef and meatball stacked with lumberjack potatoes, mozzarella cheese and gravy. Another bit of a tongue twister.  £13.25. As you can see this was definitely not worth that price...wedges, a few pieces of steak, gooey meatballs, gravy...yeah I think they need to rethink pricing.  

David had The Rooster. 
This consited of a marinated chicken breast and pork burger, bacon, cheese, mayo, sweet chilli and BBQ sauce on salad and a warm focaccia bun. It was also served with chips, but David doesn't like potatoes :P! This was actually pretty good. £11.75. A pretty decent price. 

The portions here are pretty huge which is great. However, for the pricing, they could slightly reduce portions and price...I've tried this place once. I don't think I will try it again. the waiting staff were friendly enough. Our drinks waiter was really nice and friendly! I forgot his name, Paul? Our food waitress was also nice, she had pink hair. This lady checked on us, and asked how each course was. But the downside was the fact another waitress, with brown hair also came over and asked us how each course was, which is pretty annoying, as we had already been asked by the lady who served us. 

So that's this review. Hopefully more informal restaurant reviews to come! 



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