Last night, we had Kedgeree! I've never heard of it before. It's a very simple dish. I've no idea where it originated from, pretty sure it's a British take on an Indian dish.

I originally pronounced this dish as "Ked-i-gree" Like the dog food Pedigree...but it's actually pronounced, "Ked-ger-ee"! 

The spices..etc that goes into the kedgeree. Chop up the Parsley! As much as you want. I added loads...the whole plant literally disappeared. 

Chop up the chillis and onions into tiny pieces...tastes better that way in my opinion

Cook the fish in the oven, or however you want to cook it...usually it's made with smoked haddock, we just used normal haddock.
Boil some eggs until they're hard boiled. Once boiled, cut up into big chunks. 

Cook the rice. Any rice will do. Basmati would probably be best. We used long grain.
Add everything into the rice! 
Mix in the curry powder....I would add LOADS! 

This is simply can add other things like lemon juice to make it taste better. This can be a bit bland when not using a smoked fish. 


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