So, today was the day I received my results from my MSc project! I wasn't as bothered about this result as I knew I would have passed anyways. Nevertheless, I got a tweet saying congratulations, and that an email will be heading my way shortly, before I even knew I passed, which was pretty nice! I was working all day and my phone is having a little bit of a tiff, and won't let me sync my emails. 

I got the tweet during my break, and the results just as I was on my way back to work luckily. Sadly, I got a little bit too excited, and my phone slipped and fell on the floor. I had a cover which covers the screen, but it still cracked :(. 

I'm a tiny bit disappointed with my project result, however it was my own fault. I slacked off for the last three weeks! It's still a pretty good result in my book. I think, if I have my maths correct, and the weightings of each module. I may be just under the grade I wanted to get. Which is slightly disappointing, but I'm happy with the result. 

The next thing I need to do is sort out my long term plan...what do I want to do? I honestly have no idea. I thought I did, but I'm not so sure anymore! I do have a plan of doing nothing but working any job for a year. There are also thoughts about moving abroad, I quite like the idea of going to an Asian country like Korea, teaching English to children....but then that's still a thought! 

There's still many options...


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