Rice Terraces

I realised I never reviewed Rice Terraces! As usual, any restaurant I like I review, only if I've taken photos! 
So, this restaurant is a very small restaurant called Rice Terraces located on 93 St Leonards Place, Edinburgh. Prices are very reasonable. A 3 course dinner for two, including two drinks each was around £30-40.
Ube Halayan-Souffle, with coconut milk and made with purple yams
This was rather weird! It was savoury and sweet! Strange but good, only ate half because I was so full!

Halo Halo
 You use the spoon and mix the whole thing!

Bamboo Rice! YUM!

Kare Kare-Oxtail and Tripe with veggies and a peanut sauce ....i didn't like it ha! Not the tripe

Stuffed Squid! AMAZING!

Calamares fritos 

Lumpiang Sariwa- Chicken and veggie crepe with a peanut and garlic sauce. 

For some reason my blog has mixed my photos, and changed it to back to front! Boo!!

Overall nice wee restaurant :]

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