Graduation in 17 days!

It's quite hard to believe that I'll be graduating once again in 17 days! 
I'm still a little surprised that I managed to study for another year, a full year too! It feels strange how that's my studying stage over. Well, not unless I do my PGCE when/if I get back from Korea. 
I received my transcript in the post today, and managed to work out my overall grade. I'm not too happy happy about it. Not revealing my grade here, as I'm pretty disappointed. I worked so hard, and still ended up falling short. As always, working hard sometimes gets you no where! Anyways, I passed and will be graduating on Nov 15th!

Anyways, with my plans dramatically changing in the course of a few months, I've decided to give marine biology a rest for now (unless a really good job that makes me go WOW comes along). I do regret doing this MSc, and wish I carried on with my other interests such as teaching English in a foreign country.

I've always wanted to go to a foreign country to teach English, but it never really happened as I've been too scared to do anything about it. I was scared enough moving to Edinburgh alone let alone across the oceans! But now, because I have David, and he's wanting to go also, I don't have to go alone. I know, I shouldn't be going just because he wants to go, but I really want to go also! I just needed that helping hand and confidence to go. It also helps that he's been to Korea before. I need to step out of my comfort zone. I don't want to do anything without him anyways. It'll be worse being in Korea whilst he's in the UK, it's hard enough that he's in Stornoway and I'm in Edinburgh! 

There's a lot of planning that needs to happen before I make any decisions to which country to go to, what schools to apply for, all the documentation...etc! So this is all in the planning works. I'm 100% adamant that I want to go, so pretty sure I'd be over there next summer. 

The first steps of planning is getting all the documentation! Not visas, can't apply for a visa until I get a job offer from Korean schools. First I need my transcripts and certificates from university. I'm not sure whether they require both my transcripts from my BSc and my MSc. Once those are received I need to take them to get validated by a lawyer (forgot the real term of this)!

There's so much to plan..etc. I'll have plenty of time in Stornoway to do this, will update at each stage of the planning for anyone interested in the process! 

Better sign off and do something productive...i.e sit in bed watching Breaking Bad!


Kelly K 

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