Lots planned!

I've done some serious thinking since I finished my thesis about a month ago. I have a lot planned from now until...well until the future! This will be a place where my family, like my mother and sister can keep track of what I'm up to, where I am and how I am. I have a few things planned for the rest of 2013. They're pretty big things actually! 
I'm graduating on November 15, 10 am. It's pretty scary. I think scarier than the first time around for my BSc. I feel like I've earned my MSc a lot more this time around. More so because I paid for it from my own savings, and income. I also worked a lot harder for it, continuously staying in the John Muir computer suite revising from 9am till 10pm at night with my homie Angela. This is pretty hardcore for us as we live about an hour away by bus so we wouldn't get home till around 11! So yes. Although I could have done slightly better, I am proud of my grade, and think I have worked hard enough to get it. I am going to officially have an MSc after my name! I'd go for a PhD but...I have other plans right now o_-! 
My undergrad graduation...This time round I will be in black, gold and blue :). I look like a skank in this photo..rain rain raaaaain all day! Hopefully this time round it'll be better!
So after graduation, I'm spending the weekend in Edinburgh, David is visiting because I'm on a family holiday on the 21st November-3rd December. This is a pretty big deal! I've never been on a family holiday abroad. It's pretty exiting. I'm not really sure what I'm expecting. It'll be fun of course, I've been on one sunny holiday before, I enjoyed it to a certain extent. It was too hot, and I wasn't really fond of the company...!This time, it'll be with family. Heat plus family, I'm not sure how it will go. They may grind on me the whole trip or we may get along. Nevertheless, it's still exciting for a first family holiday with my mother, sister and step dad. 

Thirdly, for this year! I'm going up to Stornoway for a few months! I'm excited about this. I visited not long ago, check out the other blog on Stornoway. It's a lovely place. It's so peaceful! I'm looking to find some type of job up there, any will do as long as I earn some cash, pay my way. I'm moving up because David is there, and well, we've been away from each other long enough the past year and a half...honestly killing me being this far apart. So, that is why I'm going. 

This brings us to 2014! Not much is planned for the beginning of the year until Easter. I may think of something along the way, maybe travel the Hebrides somehow. Go camping. I've never been camping, so it seems like a brilliant idea right? Easter time, there are plans on going on holiday! To Prague. I've always wanted to go. Once a friend of mine talked about this place, and ever since I've been wanting to go. I've seen pictures and heard great stories! So Prague, is a 4 day trip, going to sight-see and just mooch about, relaxing and enjoying the place. I'll be visiting our families when we're back during the Easter Holidays. Maybe a trip down to Cambridge to see my sister, and possibly arrange to meet up with our old work collegue! 

After this, there's not much planned until July. I'll be visiting home for a good couple of weeks...because! I'm planning on going to Korea! Yes. Korea. To teach English at one of the Korean schools. This is all in the thought process. Nothing is on paper just yet, it's pretty early to sort things right now, but it's not too early to plan. It's stepping out of my comfort zone! I've always wanted to travel and this seems like the perfect thing to do. I've been thinking of going into teaching, primary school only. Not a big fan of high schoolers. So this might help with my decision making. It'll be for about a year or so. During the time, I hope to visit a few places, Singapore for starters! First priority as my Aunt, Uncle and their three children live there. I've only met one of the children, but the other two, I've yet to meet! I can't wait! It will be an amazing experience and journey. 

This is probably the most I've written in one blog! But I'm so excited I just had to share. 

a bientot, 


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